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2009-12-16 02:28 pm

nose clogging from perfume smells

When I say to myself, "Self, go to H&M and get a dress for Lucille's ball (j-school prom)" That is a shopping plan I can succesfully execute.

But when I walk into Macy's with a vague idea of having to Christmas shop for Mom and boyfriend, bad...bad things happen. I basically lose two hours, spend no money except for eating pretzels. Because there is a food court in that Macy's.

NEVER, EVER GO INTO THE MACY'S FLAGSHIP A WEEK BEFORE XMAS DURING A ONE DAY SALE. I have been to Cairo, I have almost been crushed to death at the Dublin St. Patty's Day Parade, but 34th street on a Wednesday Christmas sale is too much.

from [ profile] snarkhunter

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2009-09-26 10:32 pm

whatever the mess you are you're mine, okay

Yes, it is 10:30 on a Saturday and I am doing homework. I guess if you know you're going to have no social life, you might as well commit to it.

I bring you tonight, ye flist-ers, a writer for Esquire who has shown up on our Ethics reading list:

The piece is about the "falling man" photograph, an AP image of a man falling to his death after jumping out of the North Tower on 9/11. As you might imagine, the article leads with that photograph.

I think you should read it anyway.

Why? Because after years of reading this stuff, and yes, attempting it, I can be impressed, but not mystified about how someone writes. I know I'm nowhere NEAR there, but I get, at least on a gut level, what the hell kind of effort and skill that gets put into a lot of professional, long-form stuff.

This? I have no clue how he did it. I can only tell you that I read the last paragraph and gasped, out loud. A sound of sobbing without the tears.


In a completely unrelated and possibly tone-deaf addition to that last part, I finally got to watch last week's Mad Men, literally the only show I'm keeping up with this fall (which is funny, because it's largely new to me, but honestly, if you only got one show for a year, what would it be? Mad Men = So thankful I have a DVR, so I can rewind *that part* and see the look on everyone's faces.

See? Tone-deaf. Also, I'm really really not kidding about the one show this year. It took me from Sunday to Thursday to get to one hour of television - that's how the schedule is.

Things accomplished tonight (so I can look back and feel better mid-week when I go through another round of "I'm a hack! I need to lock myself into this bathroom and cry instead of interviewing people!" Um... yes.)

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2009-09-23 04:24 pm

self serving (well, only partial) request of the flist

PLEASE, PLEASE LINK AROUND. My F-list is relatively small, but their reach is large.

This is 11th hour, holy crap what have I gotten myself into territory:

At school I'm working on a project. I've currently spent the entire afternoon cold-calling job centers, community councils and centers. I'm going out tomorrow to basically approach people in libraries and unemployment centers. For those of you who know me, that is somewhat of a big deal, and I wanted to make a note here, in order to spread the net as wide as possible.

Myself and my partner are looking for a person to profile - someone who has been on unemployment for several months, lives in the NYC area, and would be willing to tell their story on tape/have us hang around with them/interview them on camera. Think of it as a mini-documentary on their life and how they approach budgeting and living on unemployment benefits. What would they do if they don't have a job when they are no longer eligible. In theory, the time commitment would be moderate, spread over two and half months, but involve multimedia elements. The final project would be part of a class website package with similar stories.

Unfortunately, we need to talk to people in the NYC area, if only because of time constraints.

If you know my main email, please just send me a message there if you know someone, or have someone who would know someone. If you know don't me/have come to this post via a friend, please leave a comment explaining who/what you're talking about and your email - I'll be sure to get back to everyone, regardless.

A large heaping of thanks.
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2009-07-19 09:25 pm

why should I always see, someone just like me

Okay. So everytime I look at a calendar, or I'm talking about moving, I start crying. I'm mourning, yes, but I also I need to actually move, which the crying is not helping.

Neither are my parents, who have just decided to cancel the Uhaul and come two weekends in a row to make two trips with the SUV. So frustration everywhere.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to make the most of last few weeks here:

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2009-07-13 06:58 pm

apartment ranting aside...

... (and we are finally getting somewhere, hours late but somewhere)

... I want to rush a vid before I move. In the past it's taken me a couple weeks, on and off to work on a vid that was about 3 minutes long. The song I want is over 4 minutes long. Oh boy. Add in finishing up both works, packing and mourning my DC life, I'm not sure how it's happening.

Still, it's a nugget in the back of my mind.
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2009-06-30 09:50 pm

I can call you betty...

1. Wake up
2. Fall back asleep, have EPIC mid-morning dreams.
3. Wake up again. Curse western work schedule
4. Dress, make quick lunch
5. Avoid elderly man passing out on crush-crowd metro
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2009-06-22 07:10 pm

checking in

Hey, as you might have known - Two Red Line Metro Trains collided today; 2 dead

I'm okay, safe and sound. As McKay of Journalism's gchat status says "Hey, I'm alive."

Hoping rest of DC flist is okay.
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2009-06-09 10:53 pm

dc chillin, pg chillin

The only time I will be able to say "I was in the same location as a rap video" (AWH, CUTE PANDA IN FRONT OF BEN'S IS CUTE):

The more times I watch this, I am continuing struck by how very little Hill, DC, there is. Also, Lady Gaga is wasted in her chorus duties, but I'll take it with the hilarity in the back of the shots. It's a not super great song, but I love the "party" scenes are filled with a.) rap video ladies b.) random hipsters who don't know what to do themselves (Seriously. pause at 2:17 and look at the dude with the striped sweatshirts)
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2009-06-02 07:45 pm

hey everybody

I was pretty down today - work fuzziness and all, and I have a longer post about the wedding of awesome and joy, but it's time for dinner and grindstone on my other work project - look at what cheered me up.

Fuck, sometimes you just do projects because they're what's good for you and the world. Rock on, Amy.
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2009-05-14 07:22 pm


but esp. [ profile] daygloparker:

THERE IS A [ profile] ontd_startrek

Oh man, I find this hilarious that people are getting into Star Trek for real, 40 years later.

In the reverse way, I am just digging huge on Eleanor Rigsby the Beatles song. The internet ( I say that at least once a day now)

Also, I have finally caved and bought my professional website. Nothing on it yet, duh, but I think I'm just going to do a WP installation. I really need to get my internet shit together and manage it right now, so I can do everything else at school. I'm carrying on as usual here, I mean, where else am I gonna be able to post things like THIS:

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2009-05-03 09:33 pm

test test testing

Man, you know when your boyfriend is trying to kill you with cute, when he shows up at your front door, soaking from taking his daily run (3 miles, not much, he says) in the rain, bearing flowers in order to thank you for helping him move in yesterday.

Either that, or its a really good ploy to avoid me reminding him he owes me money for buying everybody lunch.
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2009-05-01 09:29 pm

It is finally here!

Many many moons ago, I put up a post wondering where I could get downloads, of any legality of The Middleman episodes. What's that you say? You don't know this "middleman" show? You haven't seen it? AH WELL, THAT IS ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE.

And with the great help of [ profile] delgaserasca and a hilarious battle with iTunes and a time-limited clipping program later, I had all the elements to make the ideal Middleman vid. It would be awesome. It would be for great justice. It would encapsulate my joy about the series and also wag it's tongue about all the stuff that they let on ABC Family.

And then the files sat on my hard drive for 3 months.

But no more! The vid of great justice is here, and happily, it is as close to the platonic ideal as I conceived of it. I still hate iMovie, but I'm not dropping $70 to upgrade versions. If you have watched MM, you will (hopefully) love this. If you have not, you might still enjoy it, and if I've done my job correctly, you will go to your nearest internet source and seek out this show.

Woo. (Bonus points for figuring out what scene idea I started with.)

title: Gossip Folks, Dubbie!
music: Decepta-Freak On by AplusD (Missy Elliot/Le Tigre mashup)
disclaim: Music not mine, (video) certainly not mine, innuendo was there in the first place.

Download (avi, 23mb) here.

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2009-04-25 03:14 pm

ohello summer

for [ profile] cereal:


It looks all innocent, but then you realize those blades haven't been sharpened since 1996. Worst. grass. cutting device ever.
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2009-04-24 12:12 pm

ready to do battle with our 5 by 10 square patch of wildlife again

Lawn is now my mortal enemy. Check that, stupid non-gas push mower where there are dull blades is my mortal enemy. As is the variety of weeds growing back there. Also, left my phone charger at boyfriend's apartment, and he and roommate are gone all weekend.

But it's a beautiful day, so whatever. Too beautiful to care about such things.
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2009-04-22 10:41 pm


It's kind of hard to explain exactly how much my heart is exploding with feeling loved/contenment of a sort. I'd like to bottle it to remember when I purposely turn my life upside down in a few months, and the times are hard and a little more lonely.
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2009-04-12 11:47 am


Am so tired that I had to push myself to not fall down in the street walking back from the Metro. And this was after a significant cappuccino purchase at Open City (oh god, such good brunch)

Last night was low-key but nice, including the Michigan-ers teaching me eucre and playing darts at the most sketchy place in Cleveland Park (which is not sketchy at all).

I am ignoring the fact that I very soon have to make (one of) the most important decision of my life.
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2009-03-31 12:27 am

swagga like us

A Sound Adventure with Fiona and Taylor

Today, Fiona and I messed with public installation art on our lunch hour. We thought it had music logic ("look, there's 16 poles! with fifths! ... That means something.") But after googling we realized it didn't. Which made us very sad.

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2009-03-29 11:11 am

oh noes

I come home, sit down at my computer and the following occurs:

1. It sounds like something is tap dancing in my bathroom.
2. I consider the far off possiblity that there is an intruder in my bathroom, and for some reason, they are tap dancing
3. Laugh at self; tap dancing continues
4. Take huge bottle of body lotion with me to bathroom as defense.
5. Find nothing in bathroom, but sound continues, obviously from the ceiling.

There are two problems with this
1. Either the house we share a wall with has a very very strange layout and their upstairs baby room is somewhere right above my bathroom OR
2. There is a critter in our attic.

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2009-03-24 08:57 pm

items of note

Because I am failing at typing up my notes from today's conference session (ooh, best practices, excit....zzzzz)

1. Denver has not made me dizzy, but constantly thirsty/body dehydration feeing. People from both coasts agree that this is happening to them as well.
2. I'd like to come back and see the city proper, because I'm not able to get lost too much and well, I ate dinner at where ever was most convenient. Did see the big blue bear as I walked by the Convention Center, and thought about how moving all the DC foot traffic to Denver for the DNC must have really thrown them off. Nobody really walks around here, that I can tell (or I should say, foot traffic in downtown, downtown at 5:30pm is significantly less than DC.
3. Mckay of Journalism's blog facilitated Paul Krugman and Larry Summers getting into an econo-fight, and then got linked in The Economist *sniff* It's like his first Drudge hit, all over again.