Sep. 26th, 2009

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Yes, it is 10:30 on a Saturday and I am doing homework. I guess if you know you're going to have no social life, you might as well commit to it.

I bring you tonight, ye flist-ers, a writer for Esquire who has shown up on our Ethics reading list:

The piece is about the "falling man" photograph, an AP image of a man falling to his death after jumping out of the North Tower on 9/11. As you might imagine, the article leads with that photograph.

I think you should read it anyway.

Why? Because after years of reading this stuff, and yes, attempting it, I can be impressed, but not mystified about how someone writes. I know I'm nowhere NEAR there, but I get, at least on a gut level, what the hell kind of effort and skill that gets put into a lot of professional, long-form stuff.

This? I have no clue how he did it. I can only tell you that I read the last paragraph and gasped, out loud. A sound of sobbing without the tears.


In a completely unrelated and possibly tone-deaf addition to that last part, I finally got to watch last week's Mad Men, literally the only show I'm keeping up with this fall (which is funny, because it's largely new to me, but honestly, if you only got one show for a year, what would it be? Mad Men = So thankful I have a DVR, so I can rewind *that part* and see the look on everyone's faces.

See? Tone-deaf. Also, I'm really really not kidding about the one show this year. It took me from Sunday to Thursday to get to one hour of television - that's how the schedule is.

Things accomplished tonight (so I can look back and feel better mid-week when I go through another round of "I'm a hack! I need to lock myself into this bathroom and cry instead of interviewing people!" Um... yes.)

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