Sep. 23rd, 2009

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PLEASE, PLEASE LINK AROUND. My F-list is relatively small, but their reach is large.

This is 11th hour, holy crap what have I gotten myself into territory:

At school I'm working on a project. I've currently spent the entire afternoon cold-calling job centers, community councils and centers. I'm going out tomorrow to basically approach people in libraries and unemployment centers. For those of you who know me, that is somewhat of a big deal, and I wanted to make a note here, in order to spread the net as wide as possible.

Myself and my partner are looking for a person to profile - someone who has been on unemployment for several months, lives in the NYC area, and would be willing to tell their story on tape/have us hang around with them/interview them on camera. Think of it as a mini-documentary on their life and how they approach budgeting and living on unemployment benefits. What would they do if they don't have a job when they are no longer eligible. In theory, the time commitment would be moderate, spread over two and half months, but involve multimedia elements. The final project would be part of a class website package with similar stories.

Unfortunately, we need to talk to people in the NYC area, if only because of time constraints.

If you know my main email, please just send me a message there if you know someone, or have someone who would know someone. If you know don't me/have come to this post via a friend, please leave a comment explaining who/what you're talking about and your email - I'll be sure to get back to everyone, regardless.

A large heaping of thanks.


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