Mar. 22nd, 2009

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Did not sleep well last night or this night. Drunkenness first time, boyfriend who tends to sprawl the second time. Coffee, lunch, and then finalizing my packing.

I just took my first BC pill. I am fairly nervous about messing with my hormones, hearing so many horror stories. We shall see.

Also, I'm going to Denver this afternoon. What is my life. Fortunately, constant wireless internet is an acceptance business expense. So I don't have to be bored while I'm working :)
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Denver. Not passing out from being a mile high yet.

(please direct all "Things to do in Denver When You're Dead" jokes to the comments)

Flying is usually a very zen experience for me, except when some mother is yelling and barraging her 3rd grader into multi-level multiplication problems. I learned this kid's whole life story as the mom complained the the stewards (we were in the very back of the plane) about how hard it is to teach kids multiplication these days, because the teachers have several different ways of teaching it, and he is barely passing 3rd grade and she is delirious and frustrated and needs wine in front of the kid, and she took her kids out of school for two weeks so they could go on a trip because it's more educational than anything in a textbook.

As the child of a caring teacher who taught me the worst thing you can do to make kids learn is to yell at them while you're teaching them, I wanted to lean over the seat and say "Gosh, I think the kid just wants to look out the window for a moment." I refrained.

Also, Denver is a lot flatter than I imagined. Well it's dark so I can't see any mountains yet, but still flying in made me feel a little dizzy, because it's all flat, and you can see to the horizon on the ground and THERE'S NO TREES, NO TREES ANYWHERE. *lies down in bed* I grew up in a state that takes an hour to get out of, no matter where you are in it, so you'll have to excuse me for getting a little anxious when looking out on a vast plain of grass and a house and barn maybe every five miles. It fucks with my perspective.

However, In the grand tradition of all cities that I've been to that are not New York, downtown Denver is a ghost town at night.


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